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Abercromby, James (1776-1858), 1st Baron Dunfermline, speaker of the House of Commons

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  • 7 November 1776 - 2 August 1858

Third son of General Sir Ralph Abercromby and his wife, Mary Anne. Educated at Edinburgh High School and Christ Church, Oxford, and was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1800. In 1801 he obtained a commissionership of bankruptcy, and subsequently he became auditor to the estates of the duke of Devonshire. He broke with family tradition in becoming a whig, and was MP for Midhurst, 1807–12, and for Calne, 1812–30. Between 1835-1839 he served as Speaker of the House of Commons being the first Scot to do so.

Acton, Charles Januarius Edward (1803-1847), cardinal

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  • 6 March 1803 - 23 June 1847

Second son of Sir John Acton. Entered Magdalene as a Fellow-Commoner in July 1819 but as a Roman Catholic, he could not proceed to a degree. Appointed Cardinal in 1842.

In the College Magazine
Article: 'Magdalene's Cardinal and his Family. A Study in Scarlet', College Magazine, No. 46 (2001-02), pp. 95-106 (D. J. H. Murphy)

Addington, Henry (1757-1844), 1st Viscount Sidmouth, prime minister

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  • 30 May 1757 - 15 February 1844

The fourth child and eldest son of Anthony Addington, physician, and his wife, Mary. Educated at Winchester College (1769–73) but left over some incident in which 'vicious boys' attacked him. Attended Dr Goodenough's school at Ealing. Entered Brasenose College, Oxford in 1774. Graduated in 1778. Stayed in Oxford until 1780 when he went to Lincoln's Inn.

In 1781 he married Ursula Mary Hammond. They had two sons and four daughters.

In the general election of 1784 he was returned as MP for Devizes.
1789-1801 - Speaker of the House of Commons.
On William Pitt's resignation in 1801 he was appointed Prime Minister by George III, a post he held until 1804.
1804-1805 - in opposition.
Was made Viscount Sidmouth in January 1805.
He retired from politics in 1824.

Annesley, Arthur (c.1678–1737), 5th Earl of Anglesey, Fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge

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  • c. 1678–1737

Matriculated at Magdalene College, February 1697/98. Elected as a Fellow in 1700.
Was a benefactor of Magdalene College and his gift met the costs of installing the Pepys Library in 1724 and an annual commemoration.

Tory MP for Cambridge University, 1702, 1705, 1708-10.
Succeeded as 5th Earl of Anglesey and 6th Viscount Valentia in 1710.
Served as the High Steward of the University, 1722-37.
Served as Lord Lieutenant of County Wexford in 1727.

Audley, Thomas (1488-1544), 1st Baron Audley of Walden, Lord Chancellor

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  • 1488 - 1544

Speaker of the House of Commons, 1529; Lord Keeper, 1532-1533; Lord Chancellor, 1533-1544, who presided over the trials of Sir Thomas More and Bishop Fisher. Regarded as the founder of Magdalene College, by virtue of securing its re-foundation through Letters Patent granted by the King, almost certainly choosing the dedication as a pun on his own name. He has the reputation of being not a very nice man (a heart as black as marble).

Babbage, Dennis William (1909-1991), mathematician and Fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge

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  • 26 April 1909 - 9 June 1991

Matriculated in 1927 and achieved a first class in all parts of the Mathematical Tripos.

Chief Cryptographer at Bletchley Park, during the Second World War, where ‘the outstanding skill and inventiveness of Dennis Babbage and his team’ is now acknowledged (D. Taunt), together with his legendary skill at billiards (Michael Smith, Station X: the code-breakers of Bletchley Park (2000) p 41).

Bye-Fellow, 1931 - 1933
Fellow, 1933 - 1991
Director of Studies in Mathematics, 1934 - 1977
Tutor, 1946
Senior Tutor, 1964 - 1973
President 1973 - 1979 (Acting Master, Michaelmas, 1978)
University Lecturer, 1936 - 1976
Senior Proctor, 1953 - 1954

In March 1962 he married Stephana Gaselee, daughter of Lady Gaselee and the late Sir Stephen Gaselee (Fellow of Magdalene, 1908 - 1943).

He was a distant relative of the 19th century mathematician Charles Babbage but was not a descendant.

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