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Bolívar, Simón (1783–1830) Venezuelan patriot and statesman

  • Person
  • 1783-1830

Bolívar was active in the Latin-American independence movement from 1808 onwards. Although his military career was not without its failures, he succeeded in driving the Spanish from Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador; Upper Peru was named Bolivia in his honour.

Bonaparte, Joseph (1768–1844), King of Naples and King of Spain

  • Person
  • 1768–1844

Trained as a lawyer, was a member of the French legislature and accompanied his brother, Napoleon I, on military campaigns. He held diplomatic posts before and after his brother’s coup in 1799, including negotiating the Treaty of Amiens with Britain in 1802. He was made king of Naples by Napoleon in 1806, where he reformed justice, landowning, finance, and education, but in 1808 was ordered by Napoleon to become king of Spain. There his reforms were resisted and he was heavily dependent on French troops and advisers.

Boschetti, Benedetto (1820-1870), founder of workshop

  • Corporate body
  • 1820-1870

The workshop of Benedetto Boschetti (1820-1870) was renowned for the exceptional quality of its marble work 'after the antique'. From his premises at 74 via Condotti in Rome, Boschetti supplied extremely high quality works of art to satisfy the academic and sophisticated tastes of young Englishmen on the Grand Tour. His work was widely praised and he was awarded a medal at the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London. The most celebrated examples of his work today are a mosaic table depicting the Triumph of Cupid in the Gilbert Collection, London, and the fine reductions of the Warwick Vase, in rosso antico now in the Toledo Museum, Ohio.

Bosio, Francois (1768–1845)

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  • 9 March 1768 – 29 July 1845

A Monaco sculptor who achieved distinction in the first quarter of the nineteenth century with his work for Napoleon and for the restored French monarchy.Apart from the imperial busts and the statue of Louis XVI, other important works included the quadriga of the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel and the statue of Hercules fighting Acheloos transformed into a snake in the Louvre. Many of his most important sculptures and statues can today be found in the Louvre museum in Paris.

Boyle, Nicholas (1946-present), scholar of German and President of Magdalene College, Cambridge

  • Person
  • 1946 - present

Educated King's School Worcester. Matriculated in 1964 (Scholar). PhD 1975, Fellow 1968, Tutor 1984–1993. University Lecturer 1974, Reader 1993–2000, Professor of German Literature & Intellectual History 2000, Schröder Professor of German 2006. W. Heinemann Prize, RSL, 1992; Goethe Medal 2000, Gundolf Prize 2009; Corresponding Fellow, Göttingen Academy of Sciences, 2010. Recreation: 'enjoying other people's gardens'.

Bridgeman, Orlando (1609–1674), lawyer, politician, and Fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge

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  • 30 January 1606 - 25 June 1674

Matriculated in 1619 from Magdalene College probably aged about 13. His father was John Bridgman (also Magdalene) who was chaplain to James I and became Bishop of Chester in 1619.

BA in 1623 and elected Fellow in 1624. His father wouldn't let him accept the Fellowship on the grounds that they should be reserved for men of more modest means.
MP for Wigan, 1640; University Counsel, 1642; Kt, 1643, Baronet, 1660.

A lawyer who specialised in conveyancing (a critical concern in the aftermath of the Civil War) and was a prominent Royalist. He presided in the trial of the regicides. Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, 1660; Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, 1667-1672 (in effect Lord Chancellor). In Pepys’s view ‘a mighty able man’ (Diary vol 8, p 421), and probably the College’s most eminent lawyer. Patron of the poet Traherne.

Bridgeman's reports, spanning his time as chief justice of the common pleas, are in the British Library (BL, Hargrave MSS 55–58).
Personal papers - there are notebooks and letters relating to Bridgeman family and public affairs in the Staffordshire Record Office, and some miscellaneous correspondence at Longleat.

Arms in Hall glass, W3.

In the College Magazine
Article: 'Sir Orlando Bridgman: the College's seventeenth century legal star'. by N. G. Jones, College Magazine vol. 40 (1995-96) pp 31-36

Briggs, Henry Perronet (1793–1844), artist

  • Person
  • 1793 – 18 January 1844

An English painter of portraits and historical scenes. Briggs was born at Walworth, County Durham, the son of a post office official. His cousin was Amelia Opie (née Alderson), the wife of artist John Opie (whose portrait was later painted by Briggs). While still at school at Epping he sent two engravings to the Gentleman's Magazine and in 1811 entered as a student at the Royal Academy, London, where he began to exhibit in 1814. From that time onwards until his death he was a constant exhibitor at the annual exhibitions of the Academy, as well as the British Institution, his paintings being for the most part historical in subject. After his election as a Royal Academician (RA) in 1832 he devoted his attention almost exclusively to portraiture. Briggs died, of tuberculosis in London on 18 January 1844, aged 50/51.

Bright, Mynors (1818-1883), hebraist and President of Magdalene College, Cambridge

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  • 1818 - 1883

Son of the physician who first diagnosed Bright’s disease.

He matriculated from Magdalene College in 1835. Hebraist. The proctors resigned after his defence of an offending undergraduate, and their resignation was accepted by the Senate after a long discussion.
c. 1843 elected Fellow
1851 - 1872 Tutor
1853 - 1873 President of Magdalene College.

From middle-life, his mobility was impaired and he was confined to a sofa. He spent much of his time making a new transcription of the Pepys Diary of which he was the second editor. He was paralysed from 1880, having retired to London in 1873.

His benefaction to the College made possible the erection of Bright’s Building (1909).

Arms in Hall glass, W1.

Britten, Benjamin, Baron Britten (1913-1976), composer and Honorary Fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge

  • Person
  • 22 November 1913 - 4 December 1976

Made an Honorary Fellow in 1965 in succession to T. S. Eliot. This was felt appropriate, not only because of his reputation as a composer, but also because he was a MusD without College affiliation, long associated with the Cambridge University Musical Society. Britten was already in declining health by the time of his election, and the College saw little of him.
Life peer, 1976: Baron Britten of Aldeburgh.

Obituary by J. E. Stevens in the College Magazine vol. 21 (1976-77) pp 7-8

Brooke [née Mallory], Mary (1885-1983), sister of mountaineer George Mallory

  • Person
  • 1885-1983

Mary Henrietta Mallory was born in 1885 and was the older sister of George Mallory [there were four siblings - Annie Victoria (known as Avie), Mary, George and Trafford]. Mary married Francis Ralph Russell Brooke on 22 July 1914 who served with the Royal Garrison Artillery in the Great War. They had two children, David and Barbara.

Brooke, Margaret (1849–1936), wife of colonial ruler

  • Person
  • 9 October 1849–1 December 1936

Daughter of Clayton de Windt, cousin and wife of the 2nd Rajah of Sarawak whom she married in 1869. Mother of Charles Vyner Brooke.
Once estranged from husband after producing the necessary heirs, she returned to London, where she was at the centre of a social circle that included several of the leading literary talents of the 1890s, such as Oscar Wilde and Henry James.
Her younger brother Harry matriculated from Maagdalene in 1875, and was afterwards ADC to the Rajah.
As ‘Ghita’ (her childhood name), the Ranee composed the Sarawak National Anthem (1872).

Brooke, Rupert (1887-1915), poet

  • Person
  • 1887-1915

Rupert Brooke studied Classics at King's College, Cambridge between 1906 and 1909 where he met and became friends with Hugh Dalton. He became involved in various Cambridge groups, and was widely acknowledged as a handsome and charismatic figure about the university. He was a member of the Fabian Society and the Marlowe Dramatic Society both of which George Mallory was also a member.

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